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Adoption Promotion
PetSmart in Schaumburg

NISA is in need of many more bubbly volunteers who "love" to promote adoption in order to cover additional locations. We'll even keep you close to home or at your favorite Petco or PetSmart store, if you like. Dates and hours are very flexible!  Give us a call at 847-392-5000 - to find out more details. We don't twist arms or badger anyone about volunteering; NISA volunteers love their work!


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It's not often that you'll run across a near 6 ft. Samoyed but at the Schaumburg PetSmart anything is possible! NISA's mascot cruises around the parking lot to lure in the curious.

Meanwhile, volunteers Annette and Craig Smith, Alan Zielinski, Joyce Gussy, Bob Lazarri, Donna Sharik and Bob Gilles set up inside to talk "Samoyed" with shoppers to raise awareness of NISA rescue needs. With the assistance of several smilin' Samoyeds eager to accept belly rubs, who could resist?

Volunteers hand out brushes to the kids so the parents can shop in peace and donations roll in. Plus, the Fur-Kidz go home well brushed and feelin' mighty gorgeous!



Paws...For Life Dog Walk and K9 Festival

Sunday, October 5th.
We had a fabulous location! We pounded the suburbs with advertising! We had everything from soup to nuts for people to enjoy!

We had Sammie Paws on board! We had some great toe-tapping music via Monster Boom Box! We had three fantastic demonstrations! We had Recycled Holidays for early bargain hunters. There were Rescue and Vendor booths, a face painter, great food available, huge raffle prizes, generous pledge prizes including snazzy T-shirts and volunteers were everywhere ready to lend a helping hand!
We got rained out!

When all was said and done, the general consensus of the AGSH staff and NISA's planning committee was that, in spite of the weather, we had a successful event.  Everyone (hospital staff, exhibitors, volunteers and attendees) was extremely impressed with NISA's attention to detail and the event as a whole. All that was lacking was "Sunshine" and a much larger attendance.

We had a blast anyway and we're going to do it again!!

Adoption Promotion
Happy Dog Barkery in Downers Grove

This is the truly "FUN" part of being involved with rescue efforts.  NISA Team Players volunteer a couple times each year to spread the word about NISA's efforts. We've been invited to roughly 30 locations around the Chicago-land area but are only able to cover 4 stores at present. Would you have a couple hours you could spare and do you like to talk to people? NISA needs friendly, tail-waggin Samoyeds and their bubbly owners to help find homes for available diamonds. Call 847-392-5000 afternoons or evenings!
I don't know about other breeds but Samoyeds sure do love to STRUT their stuff in public! Just give them an audience and the show begins. If you need a reason to get out and socialize with your best Fur-Friend, join us!!

Oti ~ Coyote

Yep, this is Oti ~ Coyote and we're mighty proud of this boy!!  He was featured in the 2007 Winter and Christmas Land's End catalog. Oti also received his CGC award and frequently visits a local retirement facility - when he's not modeling for catalogs, that is!

He is one of 5 Samoyed pups who were slated for euthanasia in March of 2001 at a KY shelter. Thanks to the Internet rescue efforts, the pups and both parents were pulled, transported and tucked safely under NISA's wing. All five are simply gorgeous and extremely intelligent -


L/R Steve & Pat with Carly, Bev with Yetti, Judy with (Mom & Dad) Katia & Andre, Jean with Pete, John with Otis and Elaine with Naomi.

Picture taken at NISA's Sam O Rama in 2002, the only reunion possible.

Andre was sent to the Bridge in 2007 following an unfortunate accident.

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Please stop back often. We'll be adding pictures of our famous Sam O Rama picnic next.

NISA is proud of it's efforts and thrilled with it's many accomplishments.  Surely as time passes, more and more supporters will send along great stories, pictures of their best Fur-Friend, and news to share with you.




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