Hi, I'm Sampson

Meet Sampson!

Sampson was adopted December 15. Sampson never crossed NISA's threshold however, NISA did assist applicant, Mike W. in locating and adopting from Sampsons previous owner. This poor dog was still intact, no current vaccinations and his coat was a mess but Mike wasn't put off at all. His dream was to share his heart with a Samoyed and now he is. I can swear that grass doesn't grow under Mike's feet because within days Sampson was vaccinated, an appointment was made for neutering and shortly thereafter a thorough grooming.

I won't go into the situation or condition that Sampson came from but let's just say, "There was room for humongous improvement"! Mike and I, (jean) shared many a phone conversation beginning last August all the way through to just a few days ago. Many of our chats included tid-bits on NISA's history, what was available for adoption around his location, what he might experience during the transition, (honeymoon phase), and later as Sampson settled in, how to correct a couple unappreciated behaviors as well as many training tips. (Sampson is a food thief and stole Mike's sandwich!) I love adopters who jump right in to ask for tips and suggestions on how to polish their Samoyeds manners.

I truly wish Mike lived closer to Illinois because he really would like to lend us a helping hand with our efforts to help homeless Samoyeds. However, since he's on the East side of Indiana, Mike is going to be on standby to help with transportation should the need arise.

Congratulations, again, Mike, may you and your best Fur-friend share many years of great