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$35.00 Membership entitles me to receive the quarterly newsletter and notice of all activities.

$50.00 Membership entitles me to receive the quarterly newsletter, notice of all activities and a 25% discount on admission fees to programs offered.

$1000.00 Lifetime Membership entitles me to receive the quarterly newsletter, notice of all activities and a 25% discount on admission fees to programs offered.

I would like to be a Sammie Savior for $20 per month
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General volunteer    Committee organization    Adoption committee
  Education committee   Membership  Transportation  
  Volunteer coordinator Event coordinator  Fundraising committee 
  Foster care  Foster liaison    Shelter liaison  Inventory clerk
  Advertising    Sales    Signage distribution    Artist    Other: ____________________________________________________________

Checks should be make payable to:
Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance, Inc.
*All collected funds are used directly for the Samoyeds in need of assistance. This includes inoculations, parasite treatment, heartworm testing, spaying or neutering and all medications required.



City: __________________________St:________Zip:_______________


Email: _____________________________________________________

Total amount enclosed: $_______________________________________

Thank you, with out your generous support,
we could not help all of the Samoyeds who need our assistance.

Mail to: 
Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance
P.O. Box 218 - Arlington Heights, IL 60006-0218



Other Items Needed By NISA
 (Our Wish List)

Foster Families
YOU are the key element needed to heal damaged bodies, broken spirits and fearful hearts

Postage Stamps for general mailings
Here a stamp, there a stamp—it can add up to big bucks each year

Monetary donations of any amount
This is how NISA pays it's bills for veterinary care, specialized treatment and operating expenses like phone bills and printing

New Homes For NISA's Precious FUR-Kidz
Get involved as an application processor, volunteer to conduct home visits or join the “Meet & Greet” team to help find homes.

Grooming tables
Cutting nails and brush-outs are quicker and easier done on a table. All dogs resist less when elevated off the floor.

6 or 8 ft. folding table for store demo's
Passing one table back and forth between several locations is time consuming and unnecessary wear and tear on; 1) volunteers time, 2) the table, 3) and the efficiency of the program.

Polaroid 600 Film for Sammie Paws Events
Onsite photo shoots are good fundraisers

Small personal copier - greatly needed
Document duplication-adds up to hundreds of dollars each year

Indestructible toys for the FUR-Kidz
Previously deprived dogs need a way to vent their anxiety. Large sturdy toys are the safest.

Rubber-backed throw rugs for crate bottoms
Helps to prevent falls and foot injuries

Pet store gift certificates
Fosters can shop locally and save time & gas

Good functional computers or laptops
Networking necessity!!



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