Always in the hearts and thoughts of their owners, the following pets have been memorialized through donations to help the less fortunate Samoyed 

"Always and Forever"

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Dillon, forever dear to Carol Lewandowski
Starry remembered always by a friend
Keechee, forever dear to Gini & Steve Simon
Shasta & Sprite, remembered always by a friend
Ms, Katie & Kipper, remembered always by a friend
Cotton, forever dear to Jean Gilles
Tasha, remembered always by a friend
Teddy, forever dear to Jean Ungar
Kona, forever dear to Jim & Maribeth Sauer
Angel, remembered always by a friend

NISA's Quinley, forever dear to those who knew her
Zamora forever dear to Andrea Michna
Tasha forever dear to Mona Mayr
Sasha, forever dear to the Knowltons
Igloo, forever dear to Susan Maylahn
Rambo, forever dear to Bev Stewart
Lacey, forever dear to Andrea Rhodie
Kelo, forever dear to Susan Collins
MO, forever dear to Susan Maylahn
Bear, forever dear to the Fuller Family

Boris, forever dear to the Markowicz Family
Briggs, remembered by the Crilly Family
Kona forever dear to the Knapik Family
Bags, forever dear to Chuck and Kay Michaely
MiLady forever dear to the Schidemans
Barney, forever dear to Bob & Jean Ungar
NISA's Keiki, forever dear to those who knew her
Sami, forever dear to Phil & Cheryl Durante
Nadia, Mersy, Levi, Krystol, Rosie,
Snowy, Rooney, Samson & Rachel,
forever dear to Ken & Pat White



For just $25.00 you can memorialize your special pet, the pet of a friend, or the pet of a relative.  If you would like a gift card sent in your name, please include a complete mailing address in addition to the full name of the pet to be remembered.  Send your request to NISA at P.O. Box 218, Arlington Heights, IL 60006

Poems ~ Stories

The Rainbow Bridge
The Rescuer's Rainbow Bridge

A Sammie At Heaven's Gate

A Tribute to A Dog

Animated Rainbow Bridge

Precious Memories

Share your precious memories with visitors by sending a favorite picture, a short poem or a few words telling us about your pet's special qualities along with a $100 donation to NISA at P.O. Box 218, Arlington Heights, IL 60006

All listings will remain for one year at which time you may renew your memorial. To visit our Precious Memories page click here

The Eulogy

Look not where I was
for I am not there.
My spirit is free
I am everywhere.

In the air that you breathe
in the sounds that you hear.
Don't cry for me
my spirit is near.

I'll watch for you
from the other side.
I'll be the one running,
new friends at my side.

Smile at my memory,
remember in your heart.
This isn't the end,
it's a brand new start.

~ Carol Kufner

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